Malle update

Long time no see! I thought I could update you on how Malle is doing. But instead of a long caption on instagram you get to read more here.

So in september/october last year I started to notice that Malle didn’t move like he used to. We went to the vet several times and to a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and so on but no one knew what was wrong with him. One vet told me that he never could be a working dog again without expensive care and/or surgeries. That broke my heart but luckily Malles breeder told me to go and see this man that was really good on this stuff and he noticed right away that Malle has a muscle strain in his groin. Now he gets to have ultrasounds treatments and no intense physical activities.

Today we went back for his third treatment and the muscle is starting to respond but since he is an active and intense dog I can’t start training him yet because we don’t want it to get worse again. Imagine having a malinois resting for a couple of months…. yeah not so funny! Somedays he is a real pain in the ass but I can’t blame him for his frustrations. I get to train some obedience (only calm things). So now we’re training a lot on different heel positions like walking between my legs and so on. At least he loves to train with me so that will keep him calm for like an hour or two 😅

I get a lot of DM’s on my instagram if a malinois is a good family dog or not and my answer is always NO. A malinois is a working breed and really needs mental and physical training every day. I can’t imagine getting a malinois just as a family dog. There are so many other breeds out their that will make such a great family dog but a malinois is not one of them. Now when Malle is resting I really get to experience that and let me tell you, we have good and bad days. All I wish for now is a great recovery and that we will be able to start training again this spring but time will tell.

What did we do yesterday?

So yesterday Malle, my sister and I took a road trip to Norrköping where we did a test to see if Malle could start an education towards becoming a search dog.

He was tested on different environments and surfaces like jumping up on a car roof, balance on different things, search in small spaces and on a kitchen zink. Luckily he passed the test! She thought his searching technique was good but he is a little too eager and runs around in the beginning instead of closing his mouth and use his nose. The only downside is that he is such a big dog and not the smoothest one in small spaces but with some training I think he will do fine!

Malle is almost completely fearless so I think he will do good! Since he is a high driven dog he loves to work so with the right kind of reward I think he will be real good at this!

We have not yet decided on which substance he will be trained but it stands between bedbugs or narcotics depending on how he is as a search dog and what I would like to work with. Our main goal with this education is to be able to work together and successively make a living. Now we’re just waiting to get a spot on this 1 year education. Hope you will join us on our journey ❤️

Our Sunday

Today we started with painting the house and of course Malle helped out 😅

When we were done painting we went out on a hike. We live on an island with lots of mountains so we went up in the woods and then started climbing. At the top you can see the ocean and it’s so beautiful 😊 It’s so wonderful to just start walking straight from the house and have so many nice hikes to choose from!

Now Malle is tired and I’ve to paint one more time then we call it a day 😘


Today we trained mondioring and Malle did an okey job. At first he was so good, calm and no sounds (which we got some trouble with when he gets frustrated) but when he gets tired that bad behavior comes through. The best of all is that he finally know how to go backwards 😍 Amazing that he knows he got four legs 😅

(You can press play even if it says error).

Defense of handler. A couple of weeks ago we really struggled with him to go backwards so this is a success!

We also have started training for his searching and it went well I think 🙂

Good training and now we’re longing for next week!

We need your HELP!

Since we got a lot of great dog handlers out there following us we need your help!

So when Malle was a pup he was crazy about his food! He ate everything and anything fast, like real fast. But now he is such a picky eater. It started when he got sexually mature.

Since he is an active dog he needs his nutritions. We’ve tried high fat kibble (since he won’t eat a lot at the same time) and different kinds of rawfood but he only eats what he grew up on which is Nordic hundfoder (Nordic dogfood in english). He has his periods when he eats his portions but sometimes he won’t eat even if my other dogs are stealing his food right in front of him.

So here’s my question – is there anything I can give him on top of his food that tastes good and are high in calories? Oils or anything? We’ve tried salmon oil but he refuses to eat it. Hit me with your best advice and I will get back to you with the results!

Our first post

Hi everyone!

I thought it was about time to get a blog for all of you who would like to get to know us a little bit more. First of all, english is not my native language so you may see a couple of flaws here and there but hopefully it will get better with time 😉 With that said – let’s get started!

My name is Sandra. I’m 27 years old and live in Sweden with my three dogs and my boyfriend. My first puppy I ever got was Lexus, he’s a 8 year old belgian shepherd tervueren.

IMG_8414 (2)

I also got a dutch shepherd namned Lystra, she turns 7 this year. For a couple of reasons I don’t compete with Lystra or Lexus. They’re more like family dogs now and gets lots of cuddles and walkies.

IMG_8485 (2)

And last but not least I’ve got Malle and he’s a belgian shepherd malinois. Fun fact about his name is that malle is a shortening for malinois here in Sweden, like mal is for malinois. So when I meet someone here that want to know his name I always answer that he is a malle (mal) called Malle and that makes people laugh because it’s cute and also easy to remember 😉

DSC_0195 (2)

My main goal about this blog is for you to follow me and Malles everyday life and get to know us behind all the instagram pics (@mallethemalinois). I hope you’ll enjoy and let us know what you would like to get more or less off – we always appreciate that!

Have a great day everyone!