What did we do yesterday?

So yesterday Malle, my sister and I took a road trip to Norrköping where we did a test to see if Malle could start an education towards becoming a search dog.

He was tested on different environments and surfaces like jumping up on a car roof, balance on different things, search in small spaces and on a kitchen zink. Luckily he passed the test! She thought his searching technique was good but he is a little too eager and runs around in the beginning instead of closing his mouth and use his nose. The only downside is that he is such a big dog and not the smoothest one in small spaces but with some training I think he will do fine!

Malle is almost completely fearless so I think he will do good! Since he is a high driven dog he loves to work so with the right kind of reward I think he will be real good at this!

We have not yet decided on which substance he will be trained but it stands between bedbugs or narcotics depending on how he is as a search dog and what I would like to work with. Our main goal with this education is to be able to work together and successively make a living. Now we’re just waiting to get a spot on this 1 year education. Hope you will join us on our journey ❤️


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